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Studying ancient man to learn to prevent disease26 Sep, 2009 | Posted by: june

Health care as we know it didn't exist 3,000 years ago. But along the Georgia coast, the Pacific Northwest, and coastal Brazil, people grew tall and strong and lived relatively free of disease. They ate game, fish, shellfish and wild plants.


NAHO Video Contest for Suicide Prevention26 Sep, 2009 | Posted by: june

Metis Centre of the NAHO26 Sep, 2009 | Posted by: june

The Métis Centre is a Métis-controlled centre of the National Aboriginal Health Organization (NAHO). The Métis Centre is dedicated to improving the mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and social health of all Métis in Canada. We are a centre devoted to promoting Métis health issues through public education and health promotion.

Through the advancement and sharing of health information, the Métis Centre is working to:

* Improve the knowledge base in Métis health.
* Promote Métis health issues at the national and provincial levels.
* Facilitate community-based health research.
* Support capacity building in Métis communities.

The Métis Centre also believes that the key to community wellness lies in the transmission of traditional knowledge and healing practices. Affirming and protecting traditional knowledge, as a means to enhancing the health and well-being of Métis, is a primary goal of the Métis Centre.


Future of the Site14 Sep, 2009 | Posted by: june

We did not receive the anticipated funding for future development of this site, but I still intend to work on it and encourage all educators interested in Aboriginal learning to join me! The learning resources will continue to grow, and hopefully, a community of practice can still emerge from the collaboration of dedicated educators who are driven by passion and dedication.

So, if you are wondering - yes, the intent for this site is still active and you are welcome to join in!

If I haven't gotten back to anyone who tried to communicate through the site, please forgive and resubmit your query/comments.

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June Kaminski, RN MSN PhD(c)
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The ways of knowing, learning, and teaching inherent to the traditional methods
of informal and formal aboriginal education are profound and important in this
21st Century. It is important that all First Nations peoples have access to
education and health planning that is shaped by their own ancestral ways.