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Tshinanu04 Jan, 2009 | Posted by: june

Tshinanu is an amazing site - excellent use of Flash and graphics to present a very aesthetic and inspiring site. Read the stories, reflect on the insights, join in the celebration of All of Us!

Nation Talk04 Jan, 2009 | Posted by: june

Nation Talk provides up to date News from an Aboriginal perspective. Read the excellent headlines/stories, view videos, join the movement!

Spirit of the Earth04 Jan, 2009 | Posted by: june

This joyous video provides a wonderful message and visuals: rich Natural Earthscapes and Waterways and several examples of indigenous Dance.

The Message: - to Dance Upon the Earth in our Own Uniqueness.

May your Life be a Witness to Your Inner Dance!

Music: "Spirit of the Earth" by David and Diane Arkenstone